The Taste of Nicaragua

Popularity | Diversity and Detail

Two reasons for the popularty of Nicaraguan cigars are thevariety of tastesproduced in the region and thetimetobacco growers allow for the leaves to mature and age before rolling.

For the longest time, the majority of premium cigars were produced in Cuba or Dominican Republic, but Nicaragua's quality and breadth of flavor has made their tobacco highly desired by cigar aficionados.

Producing limited quantities, The tobacco growers use only the best leaves for production. Their outstanding commitment to quality is evident in every step of the production process.

Regions | It's in the soil

Soil, Tierra, Terroir, Taste.

In comparison to Cuba, Nicaragua has similar soil and weather conditions, making it ideal for growing tobacco. Qualities that displaced Cuban cigar families discovered in the 1960's, bringing their tobacco seed and infusing it with the Nicaraguan soil and climate.

The recognized tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua are the sun-soaked Esteli, rocky Condega, and lush Jalapa valleys; as well as, the volcanic Omatepe island and relatively new Namanji region.

These fields produce a distinctive cigar blend due to their unique mineral content and soil compositions.
Nicaraguan Terroir in 2 minutes

The Esteli Valley

Profile: Hearty, Spicy, Aromatic, Excellent Body.

One of the largest city in Nicaragua and especially well-known for allowing tobacco plants to gain significant sun exposure, leaves grown here develop a more intense flavor. With it's dark, dense, and rich soil, it is most well known for growing the large extra strength Ligero filler and wrappers.

The Condega Valley

Profile: Earthy, Sweet, Full Bodied.

North of Esteli, the soil is coarse, cakey soil rich in mineral content. Tobacco leaves grown here have a thinner texture and unique sweetness.

The Jalapa Valley's

Profile: Smooth, Creamy, Mild and Sweet.

Along the Honduras border with clay-rich, granular, reddish-brown soils. The plants grown here develop aromatics that are rich and complex, making them ideal for producing wrapper leaves.

Ometepe Island

Profile: Strong, Sweet,Toasty, Chocolate.

Eruptions from the Concepcion and Medera volcanoes created an island that provides fertile and humid growing fields that bring forth strong, dominant tobacco that is often tricky to blend.

The Namanji Region

Profile: Nutty, Woody, Aromatic, Molasses

Planted by an award-winning father-and-son team 50 miles east of Esteli, The fields are well-shaded and grown in deep black soil. Producing leaves with exceptional flavor, quality, and aroma.

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